Shopify: Why It Is the Father of All International E-Commerce Platforms

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The dream of any entrepreneur is growth. Whether you’re running an online or offline store, you aim at harnessing your profits and expanding your customer base. Gaining a new customer or selling an extra product is a source of motivation for you. However, attracting an additional customer in a brick and mortar store is becoming a challenge per dawn. Modern customers are preferring virtual shopping and dishing out the physical one.

In this essence, subscribing to an international e-commerce platform can be a noble idea. The platform opens you to the world of opportunities. But one challenge exists. Choosing a platform is not an easy task. With more than a thousand developers promising heaven, taking the wrong choice is easy. If you are facing difficulties in this process, here are reasons why Shopify is a reliable choice:

Primarily designed for international selling

Selling online comes with one benefit – you can sell to anyone on the internet. As a webpreneur running an online store, you do not have a limitation on the people you can sell your products. As long as a person can access your store, they can become your customers. However, several barriers exist. First, people do not use a single language. Also, there’s no uniform currency and payment gateway acceptable to all audience.

In the real sense, people prefer trading through their currency and language. Shopify understands this aspect clearly. In response, it offers an international e-commerce platform ready for selling to the global community. The platform has multilingual and multicurrency features. Also, it supports a large number of payment gateways. Hence, the developers designed Shopify as a platform for selling to the global audience.

It is cost-efficient and easy to use

Cost is the major obstacle for many webpreneurs. It is the hindrance to your growth and prosperity. For example, if you have a plan of expanding your in-store, you must invest some cash. For most entrepreneurs, it is hard to find enough investment funds. This case does not affect the physical world alone.

In the virtual world, you may need to invest ransoms in web designing and software updating – depending on the international e-commerce platform you select. However, Shopify is a SaaS platform. It offers you all features and functionalities you need in your online journey. Also, you do not have the responsibility for software maintenance and updates. Hence, you can set up your store without spending large amounts. This way, you save on cost.