Global Ecommerce Platforms: How to Choose the Best Platform for International Sales

When choosing an ecommerce platform you prefer mobile responsiveness, ease of use, speed, and outstanding user experience! What are the best global ecommerce platforms and solutions and how to choose the best platform for your international sales!

Before going through the global ecommerce platforms and solutions available it is helpful to know what is important for your business. How to choose the best platform to lead globally with confidence? You can start by answering these 8 essential questions:

– Cost of ownership? As a business owner, are you interested in making a major investment or are you looking for a start-up cost?

– Your products? Do you have a relatively small selection of products you want to sell online or do you have a large range of products?

– Speed to market? Another important question you need to ask yourself is how quickly do you need to prepare and launch your new website?

– Launch or build? Do you want to start from scratch and design a completely new website or you want to build on what you have?

– Technical skills and experience? Are you looking for an ecommerce platform you can use in-house or you prefer a platform that is highly customizable, however, it requires for you to have your own tech team or be tech-savvy.

– Integration? What do you think about integration? Is easy integration with other systems important to you?

– Customization: Do you prefer standard or special customization? Does your business needs customization? What about a tailored solution? Is this something you want?

– International sales: Do you sell in multiple countries?

Once you’ll answer these questions, take a look at some of the best global ecommerce platforms and solutions:

– Magento is a highly customizable, with integration, and scope to expand your online business. This platform is the world’s favourite ecommerce solution, with over 150.000 creative developers who are constantly exploring and innovating. Magento can offer you an effective and good-looking shopping, as well as, checkout solution.

You won’t be limited by numbers of products, users or transactions. Some of the features included are guest checkouts, one-click payments, and shipping to other addresses. Integration options are available with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Sage. If your products are unique and you have a large product catalog, Magento is a great solution for you. It is a great choice for fast-growing businesses and businesses that are interested in selling globally.

– Demandware: This platform is suitable for larger businesses looking for marketing tools and integration. This is a hosted cloud-based solution and an excellent choice if you don’t want to worry about software updates and server maintenance.

It helps businesses grow faster and combines order management, ecommerce, POS and in-store operations in a platform that simplifies business operations. Personalization is a huge benefit and an important strength with this platform. Demandware is a great choice for larger retailer businesses that prefer a fully hosted ecommerce solution.

-Shopify: You might be wondering, can I sell internationally on Shopify? And the answer is YES, actually the ideal ecommerce platform for fast-growing business and start-ups that are interested in trading internationally in the future is Shopify.

This platform offers cloud-based ecommerce functionalities such as automatic shipping rates, automatic tax handling, and support for multiple languages. Shopify allows you to accept a range of credit cards like Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. It also allows you to offer free shipping. Shopify is a great choice if your online business is small but is growing fast. It is also a great choice for existing retail businesses and stores making their first ecommerce move.

Answer the questions and choose one of these global ecommerce platforms and solutions!